Big Bungelow Installation

The Big Bungalow Suite consists of five paintings, each measuring 11ft. x 30ft.


“The five immense panels took four years to complete. Their sheer size reveals Zakanitch’s continuing ambition to reaffirm the place in contemporay art of painting inspired by ornamentation... inspired by memories of the domestic interiors of his childhood - floral rugs, painted plates, and patterned linoleum floors of the 1940s - symbols, for Zakanitch, of his working class-roots.”

from catalogue, LARGER THAN LIFE, “Interview with Robert Rahway Zakanitch,” Mary Davis McNaughton, Director of the Ruth Chandler Willamson Gallery, Scripps College, CA

“...the Big Bungalow panels are a masculine tribute to feminine values, a salute across the boundaries of gender and of generation and of class to what made the artist what he is,....”

from “Colossal Canvases: Big Bungalow Suite,” the Nation, Arthur Danto”

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